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What's Up In 2015?

As this year progresses, I am continuing to learn so much - and yes, I do realize its only a month in, but WOW! What a months it has been! I am continuously grateful to YOU - you are the reason I teach, create, learn, and grow! If I didn't have you I would probably be found lurking in the bushes trying to teach a bird to down-dog. Thank you for being a reason to stay out of the bushes. ;)

In all honesty, gratitude has been a huge component in my teachings lately, each class I witness myself reminding my students to sit and breathe-in all that we are grateful for - even if it is as simple as the very breath that which we breathe in from.

What are you grateful for?

I am excited to share with you a short and sweet video blog, taking a moment to connect with you over camera with trust that you will have the chance to meet me and when we meet again in the flesh - you will already know me. May you have a fantastic day! Peace + Love, Brittney

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