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Hello, Friend!

Thank you for visiting! Here is a quick look at my story, so that you may get to know me better!

My love for meditation, yoga, and all things mindfully driven began when I became obsessed with a fun television show known as Dharma & Greg.  They were my #goals couple and I wanted to be all things Dharma. A yoga teacher, fun-loving attitude, and totally head over heels for my straight-laced seeming husband.

Now, funny thing is, I was 14 when I first began this love affair with Dharma & Greg and shortly after, I was introduced to yoga in my dance class as a warm up and cool down technique.  This was waaaay before yoga was "mainstream" and before yoga pants were a 'thing'.  It was a time when yoga was done by 'hippies and woo-woo people'.  

Well, I just so happened to be that 'hippie' girl in my tenth grade year of high school.

After my first yoga experience and in my final relaxation pose, I knew two things; 


1. I'm hooked for life.

2. I want to teach this.

 My first experience with meditation, I remember as if it was yesterday.  I was seated in my sister's room, she was currently out of the country as a foreign exchange student in Germany, I sat with my legs crossed and began with a simple idea that I would sit in quiet stillness.   I'd never attempted meditation except for my own experience at that time, as prayer.

 As I sat, something interesting happened. I began to cry. I began to cry deeply and I am not quite sure at this moment what brought it on, but I know I felt peace.  I felt as if I wanted to continue adding this in my life as a chance to clear the clutter in my head.  You see, again, I was 15 years old, what did I know? 

Evidently, I knew a lot.  Meditation is a powerful tool and when we do not utilize it we become bogged down with anxious nervousness and stress-filled thoughts. 


Fast forward to 18 years since my 15th birthday and you will find me in my fifth year of teaching yoga, married to my own version of straight-laced Greg, and happily guiding others to awaken their inner Goddess through techniques and tools I have learned and used through my wellness journey.


My wellness practice has enhanced my ability to become mindful in my day to day life.  Each moment I am offered the chance to see things as they are, not as I think they are. There is a difference.


Holla! to my girl Gina Caputo who finally allowed me the moment to realize this is what I had been aiming to do all along.  I have had the pleasure of learning many wellness techniques through masters such as Gina, Baron Baptiste, Guides of Thich Nhat Hanh, and more.  I have studied the powers of Positive Psychology and the fundamentals of Ask and Receive through Access Consciousness.

I enjoy the pleasure of playing with possibility in my life!


I am excited to guide you into your own unique positive lifestyle experience! I look forward to working with you.

Ready to begin your life of possibility?

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