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Effervescent Laughter Leader Training

Do you desire filling a room with laughter and sharing connection with others?

Allow me to introduce you to

Laughter Leader Training

How Posh, How Hip, How sooooo YOU!

Picture it with me:

You and a group of excited students meet to share laughter together. The people you have just met have never tried a laughter experience before, yet you are delighted to know and share in the many benefits laughter will bring to them.


You begin with a brief explanation and soon you are leading in a room filled with laughter!

Joy begins to ensue and you witness a group of strangers become instant friends!

This is Laughter Leadership

Laughter Leadership is for you, if you desire to connect others with laughter and change lives.

Are you a teacher? Laughter Leadership will create a new tool in your classroom that has been proven to bring students together in a fun and uplifting way.


Are you a yoga teacher? Laughter Leadership offers you a memorable and unique experience to share with your students.

Are you a social worker? Laughter Leadership offers you the ability to share happiness with colleagues and clients through simple techniques you will acquire during this training.

Whether you are a CEO or RYT: Simply press the button below to enroll.

Together we will help enhance the world with Laughter.

Your Laughter Leadership Facilitator

Hi! I am Brittney Hiller! Many call me the Laughing Yogini and it's rightfully so! Back in 2010 I took my natural laughter one step farther and became Certified to Lead Laughter Yoga sessions.   From this Certification I graced schedules of yoga studios, created workshops, and soon landed on a few stages leading Laughter to set the mood for the day.


All of this has been a remarkable experience for me and I am beyond excited to share my expertise with YOU.

I welcome you to enroll today before we begin on this fun journey.

Imagination and Play

You will lead others on a journey of imagination and play with laughter therapy! How exciting would it be to lead a group of fabulous adults back in to the space where they were care-free and joyous?

As a Laughter Leader you will have this opportunity and more!

The Learning Tools

After our call and once enrolled:

We will meet as a group once a week for 6 weeks. During our training you will receive 2 one-on-one calls to answer any hindering questions.

You will receive inside information on how to begin your own unique business utilizing Laughter Therapy in Organizations, Schools, Independent Living Facilities and more!



It's the new happy therapy.

Enroll today and begin sharing  Laughter with the world.


Are you ready to expand the greater good of your community and share laughter with the world?

Click below to save your space in Laughter Leader Training!

Questions? Contact:

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