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Laughter Yoga Preview

My awesome friend, Luke Norris, hosted me on his "Thoughts From My Yoga Mat" vlog recently. Here we demonstrate a few Laughter Yoga exercises and what you will begin to experience within this program!

Happiness at your fingertips!

Are you overwhelmed, stressed-out, and have simply forgotten that a good hearty laugh-a-day is needed?


Want to add happiness, energy, and feel free to be reconnected with your inner child?


Join Happiness Hipster; Brittney Hiller, for this exciting journey!

10 Days of Happiness!


        What you will receive -

  • Video of a Laughter Yoga Therapy Session each day.

  • Live one-on-one Laughter Yoga Therapy Skype session with Brittney (Valued at $35)

  • Actionable information on how you can incorporate joy-filled living into your life-TODAY.


Did you know?


The benefits of laughter include, but are not limited to:

  • Lowers anxiety

  • Reduces stress

  • Is an aerobic exercise

  • Increases oxygen intake

Become a Happiness Hipster, TODAY!


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