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Thank You!


Enjoy your 10 Days of Laughter Yoga! 

Desiring a little bit more?

Enjoy The 

Want to add movement into your daily routine as well as the laughter? Tired of being tired and feeling as if you don't move enough? 

Fear not my soon to be full of cheer friend, I have something extra for you.

The Healthy Yoga + Meditation Bundle is a mix of my favorite mini-courses.

Hurry Up & Meditate

Yoga 2 The Core

Therapeutic Chair Yoga

Yoga For Beginners


Yoga + Meditation



"Brittney is incredibly attentive in both her yoga instruction and her therapeutic massage. She asks questions without being overly intrusive, and she actually listens to what you say. I've had many massages where the masseuse gives the type of massage they want/know how to give - but Brittney makes alterations in both her massages and yoga practice to accommodate whatever needs her clients have. She's just the best truthfully."


"I just can't tell you how much yoga and Brittney in particular has helped me both physically and spiritually. If you are engaged in any sporting activity yoga will make you a better player and person.
On a personal note I am so happy to have such a positive wonderful person as Brittney as a friend."


It may be slightly unheard of, or perhaps I had too much delicious spiked cider.. oops!

However, I want you to enjoy 4 mini courses of yoga and meditation at your leisure for the price of one.

Purchasing them separately would empty your wallet of $94, however this joyful bundle is delivered to you for a sweet $47!

4 in one!

This bundle may spark something delightful in you!

There is one detail to receive

An investment in you of $47

How does this work, exactly?

After you invest in the package, you will receive an e-mail that includes the goodness to download and begin immediately.

Questions? Contact:

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