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You were born to live joyfully!

Choice, Practice, and Inspiration is all you need.

I will help get you there.

Unfortunately, society tells us otherwise.

My friend, you are filled with possibility and you don't need the next fad in health and wellness to feel it.

Let me show you how.

A happier, healthier life is one session away.

Want to continue living a life of frustration and anger? My services are not for you. Thank you for visiting my page. <3

Want to live a life of ease, joy, and receiving your desires? You are in the right place! Allow me to share with you my tips on how to tap into the simple knowledge I personally use to create ease, joy and all that I desire.

Book your complimentary breakthrough session with me, now.

What I Offer


— George, Rockstar Yoga Student

"I have better range of motion through practicing yoga with Brittney, that I had to change my batting swing!"

Your body says "Relax, Please"

But.. Can you hear it?


 Do you know how to listen to your body to give it what it wants?


These ideas used to be foreign to me.  I lived a life in my head, so much so people actually called me "airy fairy" or "Blondie"! 

(and not because of my once bodacious blonde locks as seen in this picture.) 

It was because I lived in a world where my head controlled everything I did and often it would unravel in complete disaster!

Now, I have learned the tools to listen to what my body desires and follow the "lighter" feeling decisions which help me create a life filled with joy and possibility.

I would love to share with you my tools so that you may begin to live a life of joy - filled decisions and wild possibilities!

Book your first complimentary breakthrough session now and let's begin the new conversation, with your body!

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