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Who Plays a Role In Your Life?

People, not just God, play a role in what I am grateful for.

Do you notice how people often praise God or Thank the Lord when good things happen in life? I thank God for the mundane in my life, everyday. I am thankful to God for the clothes on my back, the food on my plate, and the amazing people in my life. However, when good things happen in my life, I thank all of those whom are involved.

I lost my dog the other day - she actually ran away in the evening and when dusk turned to dark, I believe she may have gotten disoriented and could not find her way back. We were in a place unfamiliar to her and I was out for the evening with my Mom-In-Law.

Abby, my pup, escaped when the garage door opened. She played a game of "Catch Me If You Can!" with my father-in-law until she got lost.

When we received the text that she had been missing for two hours - we left our event and headed back to the house. It was about 9:30pm and we immediately assisted in the search for her. We walked down dimly lit walking trails and drove up and down the streets, calling for her. Everything we could think of doing until midnight.

I posted a "Please help me" message on FB and attempted to sleep. It ate me up inside thinking she was lost in the woods and spending the night outside. I woke at 5:50am to vivid repeating dreams of her returning by the basement door. Three of them to be exact occured sequentially.

The first dream Abby was at the back door and I quickly realized I was still asleep and began to tell myself to "wake up, Britt! You need to yell for Abby!". The second dream that seemed real, she was by the back door and we were reunited. The third dream she was a boxer mix and in the house... which was strikingly odd to me because she is a lab mix...

I finally awoke and headed to both doors - the doors I vividly reconnected with her in my dreams.

I called for her.. nothing.

I grabbed my keys and Armani, my sidekick pup whom I have had (and lost and found 5 times) for 12 years. We rode around still searching and yelling for her to return.

Again. Nothing.

My beloved inlaws awoke and had an idea - Flyers.

We made 40 flyers with the attached photo of Abby (with a big squishy thanks to John Arthur