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Manifestation And Money, The Mindset Shift

By Brittney Hiller Manifestation Coach

I asked this question on my personal FB page recently, “What would you do if money wasn’t a problem?”

The answers all showed me one thing - we all want to do something to either help the world, or travel.

I then took to the comment feed asking questions to those who said “travel” such as “where would you go?” and to those who said they would want to assist those in poverty I asked, “what small task could you do now to assist? Perhaps you could create a mini-care ziplock bag filled with deodorant, toothpaste, and a toothbrush and pass it out?”

You see what my mission today is, is to share with others that it truly isn’t the money that we long for, it is experiences and opportunities and we use money as an excuse as to why we “can’t do” something we want to do.

If we truly want to do something, we will always, always find a way.

This brings me to my ultimate point - we need a mindset shift. In my Manifesting Maven Course I teach my clients how to shift out of lack and into abundance. I help them realize there are many other options. It is not always just about the money.

It is an easy excuse that our society has made acceptable beyond belief. “I don’t have the money,” “Oh, Ok, no problem then.” These are common conversations. I too, am very guilty of using it to make excuses and get out of uncomfortable (to me) conversations.

What if you asked yourself, what do I actually want to do, receive, and be in this life of mine?

This is the first step to becoming clear on what it actually takes.

When I wanted a car when I was 17, I didn’t think a moment about how I would raise the funds, instead I thought about having the car and what it would do for me. I ended up receiving one that accomplished my needs of getting to school and to work. The car was gifted to me by my parents.

Later on in life I began to concentrate on items I wanted to receive over the money it took to receive them. Eventually I received two more cars, gifted and a few fun trips also gifted.

When we release the need to manifest money and receive the mindset that we are truly manifesting the object, experience and or lifestyle we want to receive then we are able to actually receive it faster.

Are you ready to receive more in your life?

Share in the comments below: if money was not a worry, what would you do in your life?

If you feel stuck on your manifesting journey I would like to invite you to enroll in my manifestation mini-course: MINI COURSE

For a deep dive into manifestation my Manifesting Maven Course with lifetime access is available here: MANIFESTING MAVEN COURSE

Brittney Hiller

Manifestation Coach

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