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Living + Healing with Laughter Yoga.

I began teaching Laughter Yoga as my very first source to teach to the public.

After posting many flyers throughout Beaufort, SC - I was asked to tell my story of how Laughter Yoga has benefitted me personally. Low and behold - my fiance' and I had just recently lost our house to a fire prior to this interview.

This video was produced for my local paper: Beaufort Gazette + I share my story on how it helped me heal. I thoroughly enjoy sharing Laughter Yoga with others and am incorporating it moreso into my Vinyasa classes. Laughter Vinyasa Yoga is a fun way to bring the elements of Laughter Yoga + Vinyasa into one class!

If you are interested in bringing this to your studio for a unique and delightful workshop please give me a shout! I would love to visit you!

Peace + Love!


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