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Flexibility in Yoga? I can have that?

Ever wonder just WHEN flexibility in yoga will be reached? In this video I discuss a students concern about when flexibility will begin to show up. As with many things in life - it is determined on how often we practice and how much we pay attention to ourselves.

One of my students noticed flexibility increase after just four different practices - she didn't take it home with her - she wasn't overly heated - she just practiced. Essentially, the more we practice the more we will feel it. I encourage you, especially if you have never tried yoga - to give it a shot. As you practice - notice how you feel - notice what begins to change as you continue to move throughout your session. Pay attention to changes that occur as you continue to practice - these may come to you in an "Ah-ha!" moment or they may be extremely subtle - and that is a-ok!

If you must witness these changes in a matter of moments - (ruler in hand, note pad on ground) then my guess is - you aren't truly practicing yoga. Patience is a huge aspect of yoga and the moment we let go of ego as it rears its lovely flower coated head at us - we will begin to actually see the differences and feel them too!

Challenge time: Take a week - I'm talking business week - Five days. Practice at least 10-15 minutes of yoga (you can check out my 10 mins. core video under B. Yoga) and begin to feel, notice, and see the subtle changes that occur. Let me know what you experienced in the comments below!

Peace + Love!

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