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Wait, Did You Say Laughter AND Yoga?

Ah, yes. Laughter Yoga.

You may have heard your friends braggin' about it on the street. (or maybe that was this one crazy dream I had..) Regardless of how you heard about it - you have heard about it now.

Laughter Yoga is this fun, fairly new-age, and crazy way to reconnect with the part that is missing from you - real, authentic, laughter. I'm not talkin' about your lol's that you send every other text message with a blank look on your face. I'm talkin' good ole' hearty belly laughter that you will feel in your gut. (YES! An ab workout while having fun? It's possible!)

In this episode my fellow yogi and dear friend, Luke Norris takes a moment to discuss Laughter Yoga with me. I am always excited to see how others respond to Laughter Yoga and how it helps them.

Laughter Yoga helped me back in 2011 when my husband and I had the tragic incident of a house fire. We lost everything material and yet, through this wonderful modality I was having the pleasure of teaching - it helped me stay in a positive and uplifted spirit. I just knew we would be taken care of and that there was no other time like the present one I had.

I joyfully took my practice and shared it with others who would play with me. Often offering one - on - one sessions and truly experiencing the gift of expressing my pure joy to inspire and light the pureness of others' joy.

This experience is beyond rewarding, not only for me, but for you as well!

Enjoy the video and I look forward to seeing you in yoga soon!

Peace + Love!

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