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5 Tips to Create a Yoga Retreat at Home

Do you ever experience a week from H - E - double hockey stick? Or find that you are just d to the r a - drained? Me too, and last week happened to be that week.

It made me think of a fun idea I had read about in the YJ magazine - a DIY Yoga Retreat. Since I had just gone through the humbling experience of cancelling a yoga retreat that had been planned with a collegue of mine for September, I knew an at home remedy would make a great fix. Then I thought, why not share it? Just because this is not the right time for others to come to me to retreat - why not I come to you? Here at your finger tips is a fun way to retreat at home and enjoy a weekend equal to that of a yoga retreat vacation - and it is all in the comfort of your own home - or where ever you wish to take it.

5 Tips to a DIY Yoga Retreat:

1. Schedule A Weekend

That's right, because you are worth it. A simple weekend where you can turn off your phone, set aside delicious recipes that you pinky-swear to make yourself, and yoga yoga yoga!

2. Morning + Evening Yoga

Start and end your day with yoga and begin to notice the benefits you will reward yourself with. Don't let just a weekend stop you - you can carry on this wonderful way to start and end your day even after your retreat. - Your body and mind will love you for it!

3. Loving Activity:

Do something, anything, that makes you yell out YES! Is it snuggling up in a corner diving into your favorite novel? Walking the beach/lake/river/or body of water close to you? Is it painting/sewing/arts and crafting it up? DO IT. This is your weekend to play with the things in life that make your heart SING.

4. Meals That Matter:

Vegetarian cuisine is always my go-to option to feeling good. Google 12 fun raw/vegan/vegetarian recipes and play with them. This is your chance to experience something new, or perhaps if you are already into this lifestyle - mix + match and see what you can create on your own. Playing with food is just as much fun as eating it!

5. REST:

Yup, that "R" word we may often forget about in our fun- loving lives. Rest doesn't have to mean sleep - meditation - sipping tea on your front porch while listening to the birds sing - swinging on a swing - anything that you can think of where you can let your mind wander and be free. Just let go of the "have to do's" and hold on in this moment with "I have nothing to do - and that is awesome."

I hope you enjoy your weekend "away" and let me know all about it!

Have you developed some other things to add to make this retreat even more yummy? Share it with us below!

Peace + Love!

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