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LIFE - I'll take mine served raw, please.

I have a wonderful friend who has taken the time to video blog his experiences after each yoga class.

Recently, he shared deep from his soul about how he let his true self disappear while attempting to date another. In his video, following the end of their courtship, he spoke about how he was touched during the final relaxation pose of our yoga session (also known as Savasana — another reason to come to yoga? We take naps!).

He mentioned his physical and emotional release and the beauty that was revealed within him. Images of the people who love him for who he is began popping into his head, as if a wonderful signal from God that he would be OK. Indeed, he is loved.

Think about that: Don’t we find ourselves hiding our true self to impress another? How often do we lose our self because we feel we know what it is this other person wants? Why? Why do we do this?

Teens — listen up! (Yup, that’s right, read for a moment and check this out.)

This is for you, as my 30-year-old self can hear me sound like “that old chic,” here it goes: If I knew when I was 17 what I know now… Honestly, I’d probably not listen to myself and carry on my fumbling ways, but oh, IF I listened, I would have avoided a lot of hardship and heartbreak, especially during my 20s.

When we let our true self hide in the attempt to please, woo, win, or gain another person, we are only losing our Self. Then we end up in these relationships that seem meaningful in the beginning, but turn out to be fraudulent. (My hope is that it is witnessed before years of torment — mine happened to last four years.)

The most amazing thing you can do for another person (and for you) is be YOU. That’s right, you, just as you are — latte in one hand, iPhone in the other.

Laugh, cry, banter, rejoice, play, whatever you do that makes your heart sing, DO IT. You will attract the people in your life that you need. Trust me, they are waaaaaay better than the ones you think you want.

These people will lift you up, they will emphasize your freakin’ awesomeness that already exists, they will encourage you and challenge you and you will love it.

Let the pettiness take a back seat in your mama’s van and bring out your true fantastic self! Your shining, shimmering light will guide those you need straight into your life. Besides, you never know, the one person you thought you needed may change + show back up in a way you never imagined.

Life is fantastic and I prefer mine raw.

Live it the best way you know how — by being YOU.


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