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Laughing 4 Lungs - The Tour Begins.

We gathered and began with slow, deep belly breaths after an introduction of the mission of Laughing 4 Lungs + learning about COTA in Honor of Jessica M. Many who joined had never


been to a Laughter Yoga experience before. Some people joined with uncertainty, but after a few rounds of breath we dived into our child-like playfulness and belly laughter.


Laughing 4 Lungs is a tour dedicated to spreading awareness and raising funds for COTA in Honor of Jessica M - my bestie who recently received a double-lung transplant due to a genetic disease known as Cystic Fibrosis. Cystic Fibrosis causes mucus to over produce within the body and over time it can take over the lungs, thereby causing the need for transplant in most CF patients. Jessica came to this point in her life in September, 2014.

If you have read my posts recently, you have heard of her story and my mission to assist her in many ways. My most recent effort has been through the creation of this L4L Tour, we anticipate raising funds and awareness in a fun and new way. Through a Laughter Yoga workshop we emphasize the importance of our own breath and the amazing health benefits we naturally receive through laughter.

Dr. Madan Kataria created Laughter Yoga in 1995. A cardiologist from Mumbai, India, Dr. Kataria researched laughter and found that through 20 minutes of voluntary laughter our bodies experience physiological and psychological benefits that equate to 10 minutes of aerobic exercise. Laughter Yoga helps to lower blood pressure, oxygenates the body, and releases endorphines that allow us to feel good. The benefits of laughter may last up to 45 minutes in the body after a Laughter Yoga session! How cool? We can walk around still feeling the endorphines flood our body, even after the experience has ended!

With all of these delicious attributes, why wouldn't I take it on the road to share with all of you?

Last week I had the pleasure to kick off the L4L Tour at Trinity Mind, Body, Soul Fitness; a local pilates studio in Hilton Head, SC. Holly, the owner, set up a campaign for COTA in Honor of Jessica M by offering clients the opportunity to contribute during each donation based classes held on Saturdays, during February.


Through her efforts and the attendees of Laughing 4 Lungs we were able to raise $100.00 for COTA! The event has so far been a success and I am excited for what the future will bring us!

I hope to laugh with you soon!

Peace + Love,


Our next L4L workshop will meet in Beaufort, SC: Saturday, March 7th: 2pm at TheraVista.

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