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Do You "Yet"?

Lately, I have been toying with the idea that too many of us create a barrier within our dreams and ourselves when we believe in "I can't" or "I won't". I want to encourage the idea of "not yet".

Studies have shown elementary school students that utilized the idea of 'yet' also known as the growth mindset, were able to prove remarkable results. According to Professor Carol Dweck in her 2014 TED talk she states, "...when educators create growth mindset classrooms steeped in yet, equality happens. And here are just a few examples. In one year, a kindergarten class in Harlem, New York scored in the 95th percentile on the National Achievement Test. Many of those kids could not hold a pencil when they arrived at school."

With results like this why are we still in the mindset of pass or fail and that is all? I can't or I can and that is final? A fascinating study showed brain activity actually stagnates in a child who utilizes the

fixed mindset and is confronted with an error. However, with the use of the growth mindset, the idea that abilities can be developed - students showed an overwhelming engagement with brain activity. They were able to process the error and learn from it.

I want to bring this idea to you - begin to utilize "yet". Think about it, take an obstacle or dream in your life that you may find yourself saying, "I can not do it". Now, look at it again, ask, "What do I want to achieve?" Now, when your "I can not do that" comes to your mind, quickly end it with "YET!” Now your mindset will begin to look at the task in a different light, perhaps even the idea of possibility may begin to play a role and alas! you will begin to receive ideas on how it will be possible.

Working from impossibility causes us to build a brick wall to the task and move on to the next. Instead, when we use possibility we may begin to find out those things that seemed impossible begin to seem possible and actually manifest into our lives.

Nothing is "IMPOSSIBLE" when your motto is "I'M POSSIBLE".

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