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Manifesting Your Magnificence

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the open house for Lime & Lotus, a one stop-shop for self healing. Rachelle and I shared a room to promote our upcoming workshops and began chatting. What happened next was wonderful! Rachelle shared with me how she speaks to Angels to help her clear through the clutter and make room for more of how she wants her life to be. Within this brief conversation and through her enthusiasm she shared with me how I too, can utilize them. I witnessed a sudden shift, not only am I not alone, but I have help! Her simple advice to me was, "Just ask." Just ask, Brittney.. just ask and trust, just ask and listen, but by all means. . . ASK.

So, I did. I kept it simple. I asked for a safe ride home from that workshop and for the rain to clear on my path home. Surprise! It did. It DID. The rain cleared for my journey home. I despise driving long distances in the rain, especially when the sun begins to set. (I had destroyed my most favorite VW Jetta in weather like that once - thanks to a suicidal deer...)

Seeing this sudden shift helped me to realize, when I ask and truly listen, life is just easier - as it should be. Life is to be lived with enthusiasm, joy, and pleasure! We are here to create! Creation as I remember as a kid, was always FUN and wonderous and uplifting! So, here I give you a moment with Rachelle to listen for yourself what I experienced talking to her on that day.

If you enjoyed this message, pass it on to your friends! Who knows? You may 'spark' something new in their life today.

Peace + Love,


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