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What I Learned On A Mountain Top.

This past weekend I spent time on top of a mountain. Like, a literal mountain - not a metaphorical high up in the sky journey through meditation - an actual mountain.

Here are a few things I learned:

Comfort is an illusion:

When we live in a state of comfort, we miss out on so much more that can be offered to us. Case in point - I was heading to this beautiful thing called Wanderlust, to teach some laughter yoga and experience learning from other fabulous teachers. What I didn't expect was that I would be thrown out of my comfort ability by going out on my own and into new experiences with brand new people.

As of late, I had been wrapped up in my social media presence and disconnected from connection. I found, that while on top of this mountain - cell service was null for this Verizon carrier. THANK GOD.

Why? Because during this time I was able to connect with all those I wish to "connect" with on an actual level - not a 'social media 'they like me" level. I was so comfortable in my social media connectivity, that I was missing out on ACTUAL connection with REAL awesome people and their delicious hugs!

Sitting in stillness is a necessity:

While at Wanderlust I took the time to learn more about meditation and Yoga Nidra. My intention was to learn aspects of yoga that would support the students that come to my class on a deeper level than just asana.

What I found out however, was more than just tools to teach with. Sitting in each of these different meditation classes dug a deeper piece of me - out. I began to feel lighter after each class - oddly, I didn't witness this lightness in a physical form yet - not until the drive down the hill... I spoke with my carpool companion and we chatted nonchalantly about life, until out of nowhere my insides screamed "talk to her about this!" When I began to actually speak about what was sitting in my gut for so long.. I began to cry, I began to let loose this entire gunk that had been sitting in me. Then - THEN I felt this lightness, this clarity, and this ahhhhhhhh feeling within me. I had breakthroughs out the wa-zoo, I was realizing that in all of these years the very same advice I so freely give - I too needed to practice. I was creating my own reality by the very thoughts I placed about them. Now, I have shifted the way I look at those I love, the experiences that occur, and the instances that happen; in a different light. Now they will be what I want them to be because of the way I portray them.

Glitter Glasses are the newest classic trend:

What in the world are Glitter Glasses you say? They started out as a fun way to take pictures with amazing people, they are a physical set of sunglasses that have been glitterized and yet, they are so much more.

To me, the #glitterglassesjourney represents how we perceive the world. Don't like someone? Put on your glitter glasses and see them in a different light, through love, acceptance that they too are human and with compassion. Don't like where you work? Put on your glitter glasses and experience the gratitude you have for being employed. Don't like where you live? Put your glitter glasses ON and see the nature that surrounds you for all that it is worth and feel alive as you do something new in your hometown.

Glitter glasses represent this new way of looking at the world. How else would you think you would feel if you put on some glittery, sparkling glasses?

Exactly - happy, carefree, and fabulous! Right?

The mountain not only allowed me to breathe a deeper breath, it gave me new life and I am so excited to share myself with everyone I meet. - Finally! :)

Peace + Love,


To view more on the creator of the Glitterglassesjourney - visit Lizzy's blog here:

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