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Sun Salutation A: Get Some Everyday!

Sun Salutations are yogic asanas {poses} that help awaken the body. Traditionally used as a way to salute the sun {hence the name, sun salutation} they were practiced early in the morning as a ritual to awakening.

I love to use a quick Sun Salutation to work and loosen my entire body before a busy day.

In this video you will learn the two variations of Sun Salutation A, one with a knees-chest-chin variation of chatturanga and another with the more active high to low push-up variation.

Sun Salutation A is a nice quick way to warm your body and release muscles that may seem stiff after a good night rest.

Often practiced in succession, I generally group 5 to 10 rounds of Sun A together as a practice.

When I am really good, I do this before I start my day as a way to revitalize and energize my entire body. {wink}

Like all yoga, you may utilize this practically anywhere. Get creative and have fun with it.

Did you enjoy the video? I'd love to hear how it may have helped you.

Where will you take your Sun A?

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