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When detachment works.

I have had my bout with detachment.

Like... That one time I detached from my body almost fully when I was pregnant due to a date gone wrong; which ended joyfully in the gifting of a child to a well deserving family.

but I digress..

Detachment and I, we have had our altercations and our love affairs, but recently I have come to realize that detachment isn't always the worst.

To clear things up a bit, the detachment I am referring to is: Detachment: the state of being objective or aloof. You know, in case you thought I was talking about a group of troops being sent away on a separate mission.. that my friends, will be for another day.

When it comes to my relationship with money, objects, people, and want; detachment plays an epic role at keeping me sane. Here are reasons how:

1) Detachment from money.

I used to be ob-to-the-sessed with money, but in an unhealthy way. Obsessed as in "there is never enough" sort of obsessed. Obsessed with constantly reminding myself of how little I had, even though most cases were untrue. I often had just enough, but my relationship with money deemed me as the girl who had 'too little'.

Then one day, something amazing happened. I began my own business and realized my ill relationship with money. Mental awareness kicked in and if I wanted to have this business actually go somewhere, I needed to make up with money and quickly.

I learned the art of detachment toward money and by this I began my "donation based yoga classes".

These began as my way to offer yoga to everyone, yet it quickly allowed witness the social experiment I didn't realize I was actually conducting. More and more people would ask, "but what do I pay you?" "Anything you want!" I would kindly answer and with a big toothy grin. "But, how will you survive?" (this is always a favorite of mine). "Um, I will be absolutely fine," and then I tell them about my awesome friend (and HUGE inspiration) Marty - he says "well, if I was hungry, would you feed me?" "yes" (most would say) "would you give me a room if I needed a place to stay for a night?" "sure" (again, most would say). This shows that our attachment to money can honestly hold us back. My openness to receive as others wish to give me has opened doors, not only doors of communication (because, honestly when we say "do what you want" to someone whom may be used to having someone else decide for them, it can turn into a powerful conversation); it also opens the experience of receiving more than I ever imagine and flexibility in offering classes to ALL people.

Here is one way you may attempt to detach from money, if you are struggling with this: Each time you receive cash whether from a friend, change at a store, or business transaction state "Thank you money for showing up for me today! I am so grateful and thankful for you!" It creates a feeling of fulfillment instead of the feeling of lack. Plus, the more you do this, the more you may notice money coming to you, thereby also negating the feelings of lack.

2) Detachment from people.

Most if not all of us have been there - the relationship we thought we could "never live without". Often we even find ourselves saying this out loud - "Oh I could never live without you". We may find it as an endearing thing to say, yet when we truly think about it, it is a way of self sabotaging ourselves.

Please allow me to explain, Dr. Wayne Dyer (one of my favorite authors and all time inspiring heroes) explains it best in his book "Erroneous Zones". He talks about the "Ims" "I'm lost without you" for example, may sound like a an endearment, but truly it is a lack of respect toward your Self. When we learn the art of Self Love and detach from the idea that we NEED to have others in our lives in order to be happy, we are doing ourselves a disservice, as well as one to our loves. Imagine what a large undertaking that may be to become the sole provider of someone's happiness!

{All my mama's out there, I see you! "That is what I do everyday with this child" you may say, but what if you didn't? What if you let your child be who they are without expectations? What if you did not poo poo on their idea of fun, even if it includes dirt and smudged clothing?}

Attempt detachment from people, including your children as a refreshing way to truly be YOU. Notice a change or a shift in your relationships and share them with me! I am excited to hear how any of this may have helped you. Keep up the fun, my friend - life is not about how hard or busy we are, but how much fun and inspiring each day may be!

I love you!

Peace + Love,

Brittney Hiller

Brittney Hiller is an effervescent Yoga Instructor to the young and young at heart. Her teaching style may be challenging, yet is well equipped with joy and playfulness. You may begin learning Yoga today with her Mini Hot-Friends Course which includes a 30 minute chair yoga session, intro to raw vegan recipes ebook, and a printable yoga on the go guide. All of this for $37.99. Grab your gift package here: I WANT YOGA!

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