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What one simple shift can do to your life.

Do you know that feeling of receiving what you would rather not, in your life? It's as if the world, or universe is out to get you! Yet, we keep reminding ourselves of that which we do not want and it still shows up! Allow me to offer some insight on this *grab your favorite drink, this may take a minute.* I am super passionate about the use of Law of Attraction - hear me out.

It seems productive to tell ourselves all of things in life we do not desire, simply to

remind us of what it is we are 'working toward'. ("I don't have enough, so I must work harder" "I am not smart enough, so I must educate myself more." "I am not attractive enough so I must wear makeup, get plastic surgery, etc.") However productive these negative reminders may seem - allow me to fill you in on one simple shift that may help create more of what you want in your life. Change your thoughts, Change your life. Truly though - and yes, you may have heard this phrase before since my recent Wayne Dyer slight addiction. ;) He states it cleverly although our thoughts seem as if they can not change due to our past teachings that we have learned or our repetitive tapes so to speak, such as "I'm weird," "I don't have enough," "I'll never be that person." These are continued lies we may tell ourselves as a way of gaining pity and attention, yet rather we are gaining momentum toward that which we do not desire and basically leaving our desires in the dust. The most recent idea I have been playing with is The Law of Attraction - Law of Attraction states that what we think about we bring about, but mind you it isn't as simple as a thought, there must involve the feelings of it, too. Let me tell you a personal story - this will highlight the negative use of Law of Attraction. I was in a relationship back in 2007 (briefly, before I met my now husband). This relationship was a dream to me. He was kind, compassionate, funny, handsome, and independent and he showed up in my life unexpectedly. We dated for a month before he re-located to find work in another state. We chose to stay together and I truly thought it would work, as he had plans to move back once work went well. However, 3 weeks began to pass by and as our time zones were off, we didn't talk as much as my then impatient self would have desired. I flew out to where he'd relocated (to visit a friend for her birthday) and clued him in so that we may meet up. Mind you, during the simple separation, I began to think, "He doesn't truly want to be with me." "He isn't calling we must not click anymore." "He's too busy." My thoughts began to see this relationship as ended and my actions began to play in that mentality as well. I even *gasp* changed my Facebook status to "single" when I arrived at the airport and he hadn't shown up. (To be fair to him, he never actually said he'd show up, but my romantic fantasy thought he would.) Everything I was telling myself began to show up even though it was not what my heart desired, instead it was what my thoughts were giving momentum to. I was placing this loud and proud message out that was saying to end it, even though I truly wanted it to work out. We met up while I was there, we still said we were together, yet everything felt off. There was an emptiness and a heaviness, a disconnect. I returned back home and sure enough shortly after, he broke it off. May we see that the Law of Attraction works both ways, it is not biased, it gives us what we ask for. I was given the break up I kept telling myself I would receive instead of having the feelings of joy and excitement of the possibilities of this relationship. I had fear and I acted on fear and fear showed up. Who knows how it may have turned out if I was active in joy and trust during that time? I invite you to play with these feelings today - and the rest of the week. What messages right now are you sending today? Remember - tomorrow is a restart, begin your day with an intention, declaration, and affirmation of receiving that which you desire most. Peace + Love! Brittney P.S. I have included a freebie meditation to set your Law of Attraction wheels spinning! :) **If you enjoyed this message please send to a friend!**

Comment below and tell me what you thought - was this helpful, enjoyable, rock star status-y? :)

Brittney Hiller enjoys teaching her knowledge of creating the life she loves with people all over the world during her Periscope broadcasts. She is an Experienced Yoga Teacher and avid reader of all things inspirational. Want to have the chance to work with Brittney 1:1 and reshape your life? Book a Free To Be Me session here and create the change you wish to see in your world.

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