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When Self-Love Conquers All

Today's post brings something extra special - the kickoff of our Conscious Community TV Series! Our first guest is Natasha Koo. Hear her story and mission below.

While studying Environment and Business at her university, Natasha Koo had an inner fire to create something magnificent, something extraordinary, and something that would help save the world. Through her mission to find an organization that had her same desires, the universe ultimately pushed her out of the ordinary way of doing business and into her own unique business of helping others experience self-love.

Self-love is one of the most powerful ways to help create a shift in our world. When we experience a sincere, unconditional love for ourselves we are rapidly more comfortable with expressing compassion, and sharing a genuine “I care about you” love for others. We hold space for others that need to experience love and we are able to continue that ripple effect that creates change in our world.

Watch the Conscious Community Episode 1 with Natasha Koo and myself as we learn more about her magnificent journey of self-love creation and awakening.

Our special guest today:

Natasha Koo is the Women's Tribe Leader of Feminine Space. As an ex-perfectionist, people-pleaser and conflict-avoider, Natasha overcame low-confidence, guilt and self-sabotage by trusting, loving, and caring for herself. Natasha leads transformative experiences and holds the sacred, supportive and loving space for women at her Feminine Space online community.

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