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Intentional Living Manifests Our Deepest Desires

Today's Conscious Community TV Episode 2 highlights our special guest, Janet Brent. Janet shares her story of following her desires of travel and making a living through her art. She began a true Self journey that brought her back to her homeland of the Philippines and with the intention of having only a year of discovery, she was surprised to experience a five year exploration. Within her journey she volunteered at slum schools in India and received four months of self discovery at a Buddhist Monastery. We invite you to tune in below and hear more of Janet's story as well as ways she helps us to awaken in our own desires of life.

Janet Brent is a digital storytelling strategist, helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs grow their community with ebooks, manifestos, digital courses, branding, and website design. She uses her design and tech skills as her lightwork, to help you shine your message and launch to a bigger audience. Find out more and receive your free gift at

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