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From Hurricane, To Clean Up, To Rebuild...

This past week has been a whirlwind, especially in my little town of Beaufort, SC. Hurricane Matthew came tearing in and created such a mess that caused our islands to shut down and actually shut out those of us who escaped. Yet, even though we had two days of uncertainty as to when we would be able to re-enter our little town, we also had commitment and dedication from complete strangers. People from all over the U.S. drove in with equipment to cut down trees, rebuild electric lines, and even assist homeowners with lawn debris removal. I witnessed it with my own eyes, COMMUNITY. The very neighborhood I live in came together to remove large trees with minimal damage. We gathered together Tuesday evening in our green space for a celebratory BBQ, after we were able to re-enter Beaufort. I am grateful for this town, for the people in it, and for those who traveled far from home to help bring it back to life. After my first day back post hurricane, I noticed a shift in myself and in my community. I posted this comment on my personal Facebook page, "If there's one thing I've noticed today by being out in the public here in Beaufort, South Carolina - it's that I am easily able to give COMPASSION, we have all been

through this hurricane, this feeling of immense stress, fear, and concern. Now I, with every visit to a store, look everyone in the eye with compassion and understanding that we're all frazzled right now, in the midst of this clean up. I am in awe at how fast our little town is becoming clean again, it doesn't look like an apocalypse as much as it did right after hurricane Matthew, three days ago, right now it's becoming to feel normal again! I am in awe and extremely grateful for all of those who put their lives in danger to help our town return back to normal, thank you!!" It seemed to resonate with others and I only hope we keep the momentum of compassion and the feeling of relatability in the forefront of our minds as we go about each day. ....Until, a dreaded car cuts me off and I forget all over again everything I just said.... after all I too, am human. Peace + Love, Brittney

Brittney Hiller is the Founder and CEO of Brittney Hiller Yoga. Her mission is to inspire people of all

ages, both young and young at heart, to boost physical well-being, create inner awareness and exude self-love through mind-body practice.

With over 6 years’ experience, Hiller has been teaching laughter yoga to adults and children in a fun, approachable, therapeutic way.

Her teachings are powerful and creative as she brings her effervescent personality to every event. Hiller is a nationally sought-after speaker by conferences, retreats, associations and schools everywhere for

her knowledge in yoga, mindfulness, and laughter therapy. She maintains a private practice in the beautiful low-country setting of Beaufort, SC between her travels. You may work with her at any time via her downloadable mini-courses on yoga and meditation, by clicking HERE.

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