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Turning Fear Into Love.

A fitting message for our time.

Last week was either our best week or our worst week depending on which end of the election we came out on. That being said, what we are noticing now more than ever is fear becoming more prominent and alive in our world.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to sit with my dear friend Takiya La'Shaune on her new local talk show: Inspired with Takiya La' Shaune. On this episode I spoke about a story I have told through social media, local newspaper articles, and to dear, dear friends. A story of where I turned fear into love, a story I have never verbally shared on such a public scale, until now.

Please watch, share, and be inspired. I would love to hear your personal thoughts. What I have learned personally in sharing, is this: we all have a story to tell and the more we share, the more we inspire others, the more we crack through the icy idea that we are separate and instead realize that we are all truly ONE.

Peace + Love my friend,


Please enjoy this episode of Inspired. This experience was my first time sharing this story in such a public fashion - verbally. I could write all day about my life, but to speak about it on such a platform was surprisingly more difficult than I imagined. I intend to keep sharing and keep inspiring others to do the same. May you be inspired today. <3

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