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Creating a Collaborative Relationship with Special Guests, The Bakers.

This past week I had the pleasure of speaking with an amazing couple, The Bakers! Together, we filmed an episode of Conscious Community TV on the subject of LOVE. Often we look on the outside of other relationships and think, "Man, they have it all" or perhaps, "What am I lacking to not receive what they have?", you feel me? I too, have had these thoughts every once in a while... In this episode of Conscious Community TV, we dive into the fallacies of looking from the outside in and creating our own stories with other people's relationships. Erika and Bryan Baker give us the scoop on their relationship and how through turmoil, they turned it into a now money making partnership. Through their trial and errors they learned together, grew together, and from that have created an online business to share their mission of supporting men and women with relationships. We hope you enjoy this weeks special episode and please comment below any insight you may have learned today. My personal favorite was learning the difference between compromise and collaboration within my own marriage. These two are simply fabulous!

For more information on The Bakers and to receive their free gift, visit

"6 Steps to Easy Communication" is available for a limited time here: COURSE

Peace + Love,


The Bakers, Bryan and Erika are faith based online relationship coaches who help men and women create easy communication and deep connection. They have 3 kids 3 and under and have faced many obstacles together such as being completely broke and on welfare, infertility and miscarriage and even having no where to live. They have developed a rhythm and understanding to be able to navigate hard times in a relationship that many men and women have found transformational for their own relationships. Bryan and Erika help men and women through their weekly Facebook live videos, weekly blog posts, online courses, live coaching sessions and public speaking engagements. You can find them at or on Facebook @thebakerstv

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