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My letter to the forgotten "Almost Mother"

This Mother's Day, don't forget the Almost Mothers.

I bring you this letter as I am she.

The forgotten Almost Mother. The one who walks around without the child, yet the scar, the belly fat, and the remembrance of a pregnancy. The one who cries for no reason when this day rolls around even when she reminds herself it was a decision for the best of reasons at the time. The one who still carries the biggest smile on her face and has the best of intentions to bring others joy. The Almost Mother.

If you are hurting on Mother's Day. This letter is my love to you.

To us; The Almost Mothers,

When we held a pregnancy full term to only gift her at the end, to a loving and well deserved family. We know in our heart of hearts this decision was the best for everyone involved, yet others have created stories of what we should have done, for somehow they know our situation the best.

This letter is to you.

For my Almost Mother friend who wanted to go full term, but now was not the time. You had no other option, but the one you knew. You are loved. This letter is for you.

For my Almost Mother friend who carried to full term, but had the uncomfortable experience of not leaving the hospital with a child, but a casket instead. You are loved. This letter is for you.

For my Almost Mother friend who is afraid to have another for fear of what she'll think when you get the chance to meet again. "Why not me? How could you have this child, but not me?" That uncomfortable future conversation leaves you childless because of fear of hurting her.

This letter is for you.

This Mother's Day, don't forget the other Almost Mother's, we matter too.

I love you all

Your Almost Mother sister in love,


Still known as one of the happiest yogini's out there, Brittney Hiller has been an Almost Mother for almost a decade. She enriches the lives of children through yoga, laughter, and her book "The Little Laughing Yogini". She assists women in experiencing their bliss through meditation, yoga, and laughter therapy. Find out how you can work 1:1 with her at

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